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Fire, Ready, Aim… this is rapidly becoming the typical action sequence of leaders today as the pace of daily decision-making outstrips the readiness of some leaders to respond. The intense pressure for real-time responsiveness to the complex needs of customers, vendors, regulators or employees is causing many leaders to increasingly respond before they’re ready to do so.

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OODA Loop Decision Making Tools

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By Nick Horney, Ph.D., Leadership Agility Practice LeaderThe OODA LoopThe OODA loop (Observe, Orient, Decide, Act) is a model that was created by USAF Col. John Boyd. It was originally designed for Korean-era fighter pilots as a way to understand conflict and provide military leaders with a model or method for making decisions and assessing their […]


Human Resources Agility in a VUCA World

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By Nick Horney, Ph.D., Leadership Agility Practice LeaderCHROs have the opportunity to take the lead in overcoming organizational, culture, experience, process, etc. barriers to develop HR Agility to more effectively compete in VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) world. Barriers that CHROs will confront range from HR processes to organizational culture. For example, existing HR processes for […]


Preemptive Action — Drone Mindset™

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By Nick Horney, Ph.D., Leadership Agility Practice Leader One of my earlier blogs addressed the concept of VUCA Masters and how taking preemptive action can be the difference between life and death for Navy SEALs or the survival of a company challenged by a very turbulent business environment.  Navy SEALs have applied technology to enable them to […]


Business Agility Deep Dive: Agility Audit Can Prevent Organizational Narcosis™

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By Nick Horney, Ph.D., Leadership Agility Practice LeaderScuba divers know that nitrogen narcosis is a reversible alteration in consciousness producing a state similar to alcohol intoxication in divers at depth. It occurs to some small extent at any depth, but in most cases doesn’t become noticeable until deeper diving depths, usually starting around 30 to 40 […]


The Need for HR Agility in an Era of the Gig Economy

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The era of digital disruption for Chief Human Resource Officers (CHROs) is often referred to as the Gig Economy (AKA — contingent work, sharing economy, agile talent, non-traditional work relationships, or alternate forms of employment) where Uber and Airbnb have received most of the attention from the press.  Other Gig Economy “digital disruptors” include Lyft […]

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Focused, Fast & Flexible

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