Leadership Agility in a VUCA World: Update 2015

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By Nick Horney, Ph.D., Principal.

 In 2010, the first article on Leadership Agility in a VUCA World was co-authored by Nick Horney, Bill Passmore and Tom O’Shea in the People & Strategy Journal.  The article was entitled “Leadership Agility:  A Business Imperative for a VUCA World” and was a wake-up call to organizations about the critical need to identify and  develop leaders that demonstrate leadership agility.  Agility Consulting has led the way in researching and developing products and services for organizations to identify, assess, develop and deploy leaders with agility.  Since 2010, many others (e.g., academics, consultants, business executives, etc.) have become increasingly aware of the critical need for leaders with agility within a continuously changing VUCA business environment.  There have been no less than 500 articles, whitepapers, videos, seminars and books on the topic of leadership agility or adaptability in a VUCA world since our leadership agility article was published.   Many of these books, seminars and whitepapers referenced The AGILE Model® and original article (e.g., Human Resource Transformation, Forbes and UNC Chapel Hill).  Several thousand leaders representing a wide range of industry sectors and locations (foreign and domestic) have participated in a leadership agility seminar designed and implemented through Agility Consulting.  While others remain focused at a conceptual level, Agility Consulting continued researching and working with clients to provide relevant products and services that can enable organizations to identify, develop and deploy leaders with  leadership agility.

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