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Fire, Ready, Aim… this is rapidly becoming the typical action sequence of leaders today as the pace of daily decision-making outstrips the readiness of some leaders to respond. The intense pressure for real-time responsiveness to the complex needs of customers, vendors, regulators or employees is causing many leaders to increasingly respond before they’re ready to do so.

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Leadership Agility: The Johnny Football Way!

AGility Consulting |

By Tom O’Shea, CMC, Principal Whether you follow American college football or not, there is a chance you might have heard about the latest sports phenom named Johnny Manziel – the freshman quarterback at Texas A&M University who won the coveted Heismann Trophy and put on a dazzling display in the 2013 Cotton Bowl against powerhouse […]

How Agile are you?

AGility Consulting |

By Tom O’Shea, CMC, PrincipalIt is interesting how often we work with senior leaders across the country who are keen for their organizations to move faster, work more collaboratively, become more efficient or simply create greater flexibility in adapting to the continuous change they find in their marketplaces today. The “interesting” aspect is how often […]

Agility and the Power of WHY?

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By Tom O’Shea, CMC, PrincipalLife is going at such a blurring pace that it often makes everything around us seem fuzzy and out of focus. Have you ever had that feeling? As we travel around the country and globe working with clients in widely diverse industries and settings, this blur seems to be almost universally […]

What Does Agility Accomplish?

Nick Horney |

Strategic agility can be understood simply as the ability to learn quickly and leverage a flexible mindset in response to shifting dynamics, adversity, and/or change. In terms of defining the Agility methodology, we must focus on the assumption that our world is rapidly changing. To borrow a term from the Department of Defense, we live […]

Anticipating Change in the Corporate World

Tom O'Shea |

In every business, change is one constant all executives should anticipate, and high performers have had to learn on their feet how to translate this reality into new strategies for doing business and leading their organizations. Change can be difficult in any scenario, but despite any amount of kicking and screaming, resistance is futile. Competing […]

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Focused, Fast & Flexible

Focused, Fast & Flexible

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